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Due to Despite the tour’s obnoxious schedule (thanks, Mark), I cannot be entirely sure that I will attend all concerts. That being said, I will try. You are more than welcome to sit back, relax, read, and comment. You can also subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed (see the “Subscribe for Updates” box at the right hand side of the page. For standard RSS readers, select the “Atom” option).

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trouble in Norway…

Just a quick note. Unfortunately, as much as I was looking forward to visit Bergen, things got screwed up and today has been quite hectic so far. Jeroen had to pay a visit to a nearby hospital due to some ear‐nose‐throat condition (which turned out to be an ear infection; he’ll survive and should be OK within a few days, with the aid of some penicillin), which triggered a chain reaction of all sort of things. All will be described in an upcoming blog post which will have to wait another day or so. Sorry I couldn’t complete yesterday’s post yet.



  1. oh dear !! I hope he'll get well soon !!!
    Good luck Jeroen :)

  2. You get ear infections often from dirty shower spary nozzles in hotel rooms. People often use the shower heads in body places that are dirty on the body. I am sure you can imagine. If possible dismantle the head and clean in alcohol and hot water before use.

  3. Prolly the best thing in cleaning shower heads is vinegar. The vinegar (acetic acid) will disslove any calcium deposits which will harbour bacteria. Gotta get in there and let it soak a while then get all the crap out.

    1. Of course if the water tank itself is contaminated there is a guest... you can do. For general critter zapping..roaches, reptiles and bed bugs nothing works better than an aerosol spray of "automotive brake cleaner"...takes no prisoners when you zap 'em.